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At Mac's we are experts at diagnostics and repair.  We use only the latest technology to pin point exactly what type of repair needs to be done, thereby saving our customers valuable dollars.  Collectively, our mechanics have over 100 years of experience, saving you time and money.


We offer complete electrical service from a simple blown fuse to a full electrical short, to include scanning of air bags and ABS lights.


We often offer simple solutions to complex problems. At Macs we approach the repair differently then other repair shops. We like for the customer to be informed from start to finish. We encourage you to watch the engine scan being done and if possible you can watch the repairs being done. We wont ask you to pay for a repair based on what you've been told. We want to show you what you are paying for . All used parts are available for you to inspect and take with you if you like . We have a state of the art repair facility and can accommodate any year make or model.


We service all makes, models and years.  We give you a 3 year/75,000 mile warranty, that includes clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing and pilot bushing as well as fly wheel resurfacing.  We also offer clutch master cylinder power flush.

Full disc and drum brake service.  We also resurface drums and rotors and use only OEM brake pads and shoes and these come with a 3 year/75,000 mile warranty.  We also offer brake system power flush

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